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Kefir AfricaSouth AfricaCape TownAm happy to share my extra milk kefir grains and kombucha mother culture - I can send to anywhere in South Africa.Inquire
PravvinIndiaNew DelhiAnbody looking of milk kefir grains in INDIA can contact me @ 09560304333Inquire
MollyUSASeattle/Everett, WashingtonArange to come get them or I can mail them. They are multiplying quickly. I would give them to my friends but they don't know what they are and refuse to try them.Inquire
ANAPortugalPORTOat the moment I can only supply KEFIR dry, if anyone is interested e.mail meInquire
domler2002CanadaTorontoAvailable kefir grains are growing well and presently cultured on goat milk. Instructions included.Inquire
camilchuaPhilippinesManilaAvailable soon and preferrable for local areas only.Inquire
JewelzyBugCanadaOshawa, OnAvailable: WATER KEFIR grains & KOMBUCHA scoby. Brewed with organic tea (KS), organic cane sugar (WK, KS) , desulfured figs (WK) , molasses (WK) and filtered water (WK, KS.) Pickup Durham Region. Please bring glass jar or plastic container to transport. Will provide how-to instructions as well.Inquire
PollitaMéxicoCancunbaby Milk Grains growing fast write to mail plz :DInquire
ColetteIrelandCounty ClareBanana and strawberry kefir smoothie cup of ripe strawberries or frozen 200 ml Kefir Chop the fruit and place all ingredients in blender and mix for 10 seconds Alternative soft fruits could be raspberries or kiwis, nectarines or peaches in any combination you like! Other suggestions... Pesto Sauce Add some kefir to your pesto sauce - red pesto or basil - makes a deliciously creamy pasta dish, finished off with freshly grated parmesan - just add to your taste... and enjoy. Kefir Salad Dressing 4 tbs kefir 2 tsp lime juice (freshly squeezed) 1 tsp lemon juice (fresh) 1 tbs fresh chopped parsley salt and pepper to taste Put all ingredients into small bowl and stir until thoroughly blended. This dressing is great with smoked salmon and prawns on a bed of rocket salad. Kefir bread Use half the flour you need to make a bread . Mix with kefir to a soft dough and leave over night to grow and increace it nutritious values. Next day use the dough and add to the rest of the flour and yeast to make bread as normal. This is a wonderful way to add extra flavour and enrich the good ness of whole meal bread. This will be baked of course therefore you will not benifit from its probiotic properties as they will be killed off by the heat, so make sure you are also having your daily serving of fresh kefir, smoothies or salad dressing...etc. Pass It On... All you need to do in return for this wonderful gift is to pass it on ! Inquire
MoineauFranceParisBientôt 30 ans que j'ai perdu mes grains de Kéfir et j'aimerais beaucoup m'y remettre.Inquire
Love KefirUSAGREENWICH, CTBig, healthy grains grown with lots of love and care only in organic cow's milk. Happy to share - pick up only :) Please leave a phone number or email where I can reach you.  Inquire
önderTurkeyIzmirbirçok kişiye dağıttım ama sürekli ürüyorlar :) ben aktardan almmıştı ama isteyene ücretsiz maya verebilirimInquire
cecileFranceCarcansBonjour Je donne du kefir (en bonne santé, il se multiplie rapidement). Je suis dans la région borelaise, à Carcans. Personnes intéressées, venir sur place.Inquire
FredGFranceNancy - MetzBonjour je suis de Lorraine, entre Nancy et Metz, Dieulouard pour être précis, vous cherchez du kéfir de fruit contactez moi j'en fais régulièrement donc je me ferai un plaisir d'en donner. De main à main, car pour l'envoie je ne sais pas comment faire. d'autant qu'il sont frais.Inquire
LongoFranceBORDEAUXBonjour! J'ai du kefir du lait en pleine forme que je peux vous envoyer (je demande la prise en charge des frais d'envois) ou si vous pouvez venir le chercher.Inquire
esoryaFranceNiortBonjour, J'ai des grains de kéfir à ma disposition de très bonne souche et j'en donne à ceux qui seraient intéressés.Inquire
GarpFranceOiseBonjour, j'ai des grains de kéfir de fruits que je partagerais avec plaisir.Inquire
MarieFranceParisBonjour, j'ai du kéfir pour mon usage personnel qui se reproduit doucement, j'habite le 18e arrondissement de Paris et si j'en ai suffisament je suis disposée à en donner aux personnes qui en cherchent aux alentours...Inquire

je donne des grains de Kéfir de lait et du Kombucha

I can give Kefir Grains and Kombucha
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