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IvaCzech RepublicČeské BudějoviceRaději předám osobně, protože s posíláním poštou zatím nemám zkušenosti (ale také bych to mohla jednou zkusit ;)). Houbičky daruji nebo pošlu za poštovné.Inquire
CoralSingapore-II sometimes have milk kefir grains OR water-sugar grains(tibiscos) to give away . Meet me at a pre-arranged place with a donation of a minimum of $30 in a money order or cheque crossed A/C payee, not negotiable,(also cross the word "bearer") payable to Lighthouse School. The latter is a school for the visually handicapped and the hearing impaired students below 18 years old. Ref: lighthouse @lighthouse.edu.sg. I will post the Money order/cheque to the school.Inquire
EvelyneFrance83 VidaubanVar - donne grain de kefirInquire

je donne des grains de Kéfir de lait et du Kombucha

I can give Kefir Grains and Kombucha
HemantUSAAUSTIN TEXASI have robust kefir grains. Please mail me for directions and other expenses details.Inquire
IsaUKAberdeenI have plenty of kefir grains as they grow so fast. If you are new to kefir and would like to get started I can give you some grains and advice on how to look after them. Please feel free to contact me by mail in order to come and pick up some grains.Inquire
AnneUAEAbu DhabiFree live milk kefir grains to share. I live off island Abu Dhabi. Feel free to collect.Inquire
relsharawiUAEAbu DhabiI have Organic, Healthy and Live water kefir grains. You'll receive 1/3 cup of Active Water kefir Grains...email me to arrange for collection.Inquire
OliveUSAAddisonI have milk grains $10, kombucha $10, and water kefir grains, $16. Shipping priority for one culture $4, two cultures $5.50, three cultures $7. I include instructions, a plastic spoon and small plastic strainer for handling the grains. I'm in the western suburbs of Chicago. You may pick up if you are local.Inquire
Anfiteatro, DominicAustraliaAdelaideMilk-based Kefir grains acquired in 1978. Can also provide traditional water kefir grains [sugary water kefir grains]. Milk-kefir cultured with either raw organic goat's milk, or Biodynamic whole cows milk. Can send grains world wide. 24 page instruction booklet included [Kefir! A Probiotic Gem Cultured with Probiotic Jewels; Kefir grains!]. Be-well, live long, and prosper with kefir, DomInquire
tfaith777USAAlabamaHello! I culture my grains in organic raw whole cows milk. I will ship for $10 or you can pick them up at my house. Please email for more information.Inquire
cjakubowiczUSAAlabamaI culture my grains in organic raw cow's milk from jersey cows (absolutely the best!). I will ship for $10 or you can pick them up at my house. I live in the Huntsville area. Please email for more information.Inquire
CaseyUSAAlaska - KenaiOrig. from The Kefir Lady. Culturing in store-bought whole milk. Plenty to share! drop off/pick up/mail. Inquire
jaruvanAustraliaAlbany Creek, QLD2 Tablespoon Milk Kefir grain for $10. Pick up only from Albany Creek, QLD (about 20 min North from Brisbane city) Call 0405422150/JaInquire
WendyAustraliaAlbury NSWJust cover postage costs if any. Otherwise Kefir Grains are free when I have them....email meInquire
AllieUSAAlexandriaI just got started with the grains but I have quite a few. It seems like they have doubled in days. I was given grains from this list and would like to give back to people who may want some. I only ask for S&H and no other fees. I have been brewing them in Nubian goats milk and they seem to like it quite a bit by the way they are growing so very much.Inquire
IanPortugalAlgarveIf we have spare you can have, no cost.Inquire
Badreddine AlgeriaAlger0550 628 194. Si vous avez besoin du champignon tibétain (????? ?????? ?? ??? ??????), appelez moi. Il est disponible et gratuitInquire
madmedAlgeriaAlger, CherchellDonne gratuitement des grains de fekir ou champignon du tibet فطر الهندي أو التيبت dans du laitInquire
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