If you want to share your Kefir grains, register yourself in the upper right corner, and fill in the form with your details. If you need to reach the website administrator, search for Adnan and send me a message. Enjoy, and share the kefir grains, same as we do since '00 here.

When search, for a country that has two words, click in the search field and build your query, or as a shortcut, e.g. for country use: kefir.userCountry contains "USA" in the search field.

North America, if you aren't getting any responses, please contact me directly, and I can ship the grains to you: racingfox101@gmail.com

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Amigos do KefirBrasilCuritibaFornecemos Kefir de Água e Leite pelos Correios e o Manual do Kefir Inquire
MarciaBrasilSalvadorFaço envio de Grãos de Kefir de Leite através do correio, informações: kefir.de.leite.com.brInquire
Humberto FabbriBrasilSao PauloEu tenho grãos de Kefir de Leite para doar preferencialmente para pessoas que morem perto e possam retirar.Inquire
ClaudemirBrasilSorocaba - SPTenho grãos de kefir de leite. Entrar em contato.Inquire
KalebeBrasilSÃO PAULOKefir de Frutas e de Leite, e também tenho o Kombucha que se prepara no chá preto.Inquire
delmo45BrasilSão PauloEu tenho grãos de kefir e ofereço aos amigos do mundo. I have some kefir grains and I offer it then Ich habe das kefir kultura und gebem vor die freund . LucianoInquire
Cristiano SobrinhoBrasilUberlândiaHi there, I have water kefir. If u want, send me a message.Inquire
KANGALDJIEV IVANBulgariaHaskovoplease, send me e-mailInquire
ru_mianaBulgariaShoumenPlease send me e-mailInquire
Gery FisherBulgariaSofiaEveryone interested in getting Kefir grains, pls send me an e-mail to : gery_fisher@hotmail.comInquire
Kriska i ElilBulgariaSofiaPlease contact us via email to get free our kefir grainsInquire
zagor4eBulgariaSofiaHi , I have some extra Kefir grains and I will be glad to share them with someone. My mail is zagor4e@gmail.comInquire
marisanchoBulgariaStara ZagoraНе изпращам по куриер. Само на място. Пишете по email или skype: milemar-13 и daga_photo_stzInquire
JennyCanadaAncasterI have high quality milk Kefir grains. You can either pick-up from me or I can ship to you. Cost: $10 Contact me for more information.Inquire
JackyCanadaBarrieI have milk kefir grain to share, by mail or pick upInquire
TeresaCanadaBarrie, OntarioI have milk kefir grains to share. Pick up only.Inquire
Keifr JamesCanadaBradfordGrains acquired from another person on this site. They have multiplied since then. Have some to spare. Contact me if you need some.Inquire
Biljana ICanadaBurnabyHave live healthy milk kefir grains to share for free. Taking very good care of them. Pick up only. BiljanaInquire
TonyaCanadaCaledoniaLooking for non-dairy kefir. Thanks so much.Inquire
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