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NatalieCanadaCalgarydon't be shy, give me know and you can take it.Inquire
sadanaryCanadaCalgaryMy water kefir grain are happy and growing a lot, I would love be happy to share them. "The health benefits of consuming water kefir are endless. They are a natural supplier of probiotics to our digestive track. Probiotics refers to the healthy bacteria that usually feeds on the “bad” unhealthy bacteria in our stomach and intestines. Bacterial overgrowth can lead to many illnesses some of which include fungi, yeast infections, indigestion, obesity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, skin disorders, etc. By drinking water kefir you will bring balance to your internal microflora. Many people take a probiotic supplement daily for this particular reason but I prefer to drink the water kefir. It’s much tastier and more affordable in the long run."Inquire
KenCanadaCalgaryHappy kefir grains to give away. Raised on whole milk. Contact Ken at 403-819-8767. ThanksInquire
IngeCanadaCasselmanHappy to share my Kefir Grains. Cultured in certified organic milk. Pick up only.Inquire
YogiCanadaCold LakeI have live kefir grains if you want to come and pick them up or dried grains for shipping ($5 to cover shipping costs).Inquire
AshatishCanadaCookstownI have tons of water kefir grains to give away. I grow them with organic sucanat sugar & feed organic fresh & dry fruit. I live near Barrie, Alliston, Newmarket & Bradford. I can deliver or you can pick them up.Inquire
LorraineCanadaCranbrookI have both dairy and water kefir grains available. I ship anywhere in Canada.Inquire
Jean CrawfordCanadaDartmouth Nova ScotiaHave grains to share.....living in 2% cows milk... would prefer local pick up.Inquire
garCanadaEdmontonI live on south side near Southgate mall, I have milk kefir grains that can be picked up for $10 just to cover my time and effort growing and storing them. You can reach me 780-702-5939.Inquire
KathleenCanadaEdmontonIf you need some healthy kefir grains and are willing to pick them up drop me a line. I currently have quite a bit and am very willing to share. :)Inquire
CoreyCanadaEdmontonI have some Milk Kefir grains that are quite healthy I plan to share whenever there are enough to go around, I'll deliver for some gas money in Edmonton and area or if you wish to pick them up for no charge that would be great as well :)Inquire
IrisCanadaEdmontonI have milk kefir grains for free. Pick up onlyInquire
Gutsy GalCanadaEdmontonI have beautiful, organic Kombucha scobys, water/milk kefir grains and starter. It is all healthy, wholesome and delicious and I have lots! And the time to get it to you! I charge a nominal fee so that it is worth my time to keep getting this to people, so my scobys are $10, water kefir is $10 and milk kefir is $20, plus shipping. My milk kefir grains are a bit more expensive because they grow more slowly than the other two. So email me and you won't be disappointed with this site!Inquire
MiraCanadaEtobicokeMilk Kefir Grains and Tea Kombucha Mushroom available - pick up only Royal York & Bloor area.Inquire
francoiseCanadaGatineauI just want to let you know that I am trying to purchase some free kefir grains at your web site for three days now and my emails keep comming back with my own email .I did not receive one answer yet there is something wrong please look into it thank youInquire
catalabellaCanadaGatineauI have some great grains, acquired first from another person on this site. They have multiplied since then, i have some to spare for free. Pickup only in Gatineau/Ottawa area (Hull, near UQO)Inquire
TatianaCanadaGatineauI have water kefir grains and milk kefir grains, and Kombucha, all my cultures are very active and healthy. Available by request, shipping can be arranged.I live in Gatineau (sector Gatineau),near Ottawa.You can pick up them anytime for free. Tatiana.Inquire
ErinCanadaGrande Prairie, AlbertaKombucha, Water Kefir and Milk Kefir, all my cultures are very active and healthy. Available by request, shipping can be arranged.Inquire
LaurieCanadaGuelphFree for the asking. Grains double weekly. Meet locally to pick up.Inquire
JoyCanadaGuelph OntarioI make my own Kefir from goats milk and have too many grains so would like to share .Only in Canada pleaseInquire
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