If you want to share your Kefir grains, register yourself in the upper right corner, and fill in the form with your details. If you need to reach the website administrator, search for Adnan and send me a message. Enjoy, and share the kefir grains, same as we do since '00 here.

When search, for a country that has two words, click in the search field and build your query, or as a shortcut, e.g. for country use: kefir.userCountry contains "USA" in the search field.

North America, if you aren't getting any responses, please contact me directly, and I can ship the grains to you: racingfox101@gmail.com

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toni ottendorfUSAspringfield, mohealthy, fast growing grains will mail 1/4 cup of grains for a fee of $7.00, or you may pickup for $5.00 toniInquire
dillinghamUSAtaylorsvillejust getting started so give me a couple of weeks, you can pick up or I'll ship happy culturing.Inquire
2007roseUSAtulsaKefir grains to share, for $18 fee + shipping Fresh NEW genuine kefir grains!!!Inquire
vipUSAvincennesMy grains are healthy bright white grains. They are grown with lots of love and care and will go with you a long way if you love them and care for them. You may send a check with self addressed Label for UPS or us postal parcel.Inquire
CAMEUSAwest palm beachHAPPY TO SHARE MY MILK KEFIR!!!! :0)Inquire
jmedyUSAweston-FloridaI use them with regular milkInquire
YaanaUkraineDnepropetrovskI have pretty good kefir grains. Grown up in a very friendly atmosphere -))Inquire
Kefir Kiev All Ukraine deliveryUkraineKievI have milk kefir with delivery to all Ukraine (85 UAH) tel 066 70750707Inquire
GiacomoUnited StatesSanta Monica* I have milk kefir grains to give.  Inquire
ClausVenezuelaCaracasTengo granos de Kefir de leche, también Kombucha. Solo Venezuela, no envío al exterior.Inquire
AntonioVenezuelaCaracasI have some extra Kefir grains to share, only in Caracas.Inquire
czarVenezuelaCaracasmilk and water kefir(leche y agua)solo en CaracasInquire
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