If you want to share your Kefir grains, register yourself in the upper right corner, and fill in the form with your details. If you need to reach the website administrator, search for Adnan and send me a message. Enjoy, and share the kefir grains, same as we do since '00 here.

When search, for a country that has two words, click in the search field and build your query, or as a shortcut, e.g. for country use: kefir.userCountry contains "USA" in the search field.

North America, if you aren't getting any responses, please contact me directly, and I can ship the grains to you: racingfox101@gmail.com

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LucieCanadaHalifax Nova ScotiaI will not send by mail, would prefer pick up only.Inquire
Diane MaybeeCanadaHavelocksend a $20 Canadian money order to RR#2 Havelock Ontario K0L1Z0 and I will mail you some Kefir grains. Instructions on how to handle and use them will be enclosed.Inquire
MonikaCanadaKelownaI have about two teaspoons of Kefir grains, fresh ones for sale. $10Inquire
AmandaCanadaKelownaI have lots of kefir grains to share!Inquire
cumonsimone44CanadaKelowna BCI was introduce to Kefir Grains by a friend about 2 month ago and now have many new grains and would like to do the same and share them. All I ask is for you to pay for the shipping and their yours. They have made such a difference in how I feel daily.

CathyGCanadaKelowna, BCLive milk healthy Kefir grains, pick up only, can supply information if required. $10Inquire
Kefir KingstonCanadaKingston, Brockville, OttawaFresh or Dehydrated Kefir grains shipped by regular mail or expedited post in whole goat milk powder. All grains grown in organic milk. Kumbucha SCOBY available also. Kingston, Brockville, Ottawa ON Canada www.thistledown-gardens.comInquire
JessCanadaLethbridgeLarge healthy never washed always organic cow milk. If you need some just e-mail me.Inquire
ReynoldCanadaLethbridgeI am happy to freely share any extra kefir that I have with people in the area. I use ordinary milk from the store to make the kefir.Inquire
DaveCanadaLondonI have water kefir grains, organically cultured. Prefer to share locally as there seem to be no other kefir drinkers in the area openly sharing.Inquire
ShaneCanadaManitobaKefir grains interlake manitobaInquire
RobertCanadaMassetKefir Grains for anyone on the Queen Charlotte Islands who will pick them up at my house. Can provide fresh once a month, and have some frozen also. Please email rjbaker@rjbaker.com Regards, robertInquire
pratickmCanadaMilton, ONI have two different variety of grains. Both make thick and creamy kefir - one makes more sour than the other. I do not ship or sell grains. Please contact me by email to arrange a time to pick up grains.Inquire
Adnan SmajlovicCanadaMississaugaLarge-sized healthy, live, never frozen Kefir grains cultured in a cow and a goat milk. Grains are shipped with instructions in a bubbled envelope. Many Kefir community members started on our grains.Inquire
AnistenCanadaMississaugaLive and Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains. I have vibrant and growing Live and Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains for sale @ a very reasonable price. Instructions included. 3 Generous Tbsp s Live Water Kefir Grains $6 plus $3 shipping to anywhere in Canada. 1 Tbsp. Dehydrated Grains(will rehydrate to 5-6 Tbsp) $9 Shipping included worldwide.Inquire

Long Life Elixir- $10+ additional cost of shipping

Organic Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains to share.

You will receive 1 tablespoon of our dehydrated water kefir grains, which will rehydrate to about 1/4 cup (4 generous tablespoons) of our live grains, which will produce about one quart of water kefir starting out. It can take up to one week for dehydrated grains to come back to life. Detailed step-by-step instructions are included.

Shipping all around the world/ pick up as well available- McLaughlin Road-Derry Road, Mississauga, Canada

yaeljCanadaMontrealI can share my grains whoever needs them. I am in Montreal.Inquire
SusanCanadaMontrealI have water kefir grains.  free.Inquire
SeanCanadaMontrealHey people! I know how hard it can be some times to find Kefir Grains! i was looking for them for a while till I found this site! Some one was nice enough to give me a grain! now As a tradition among the Grain owners to pass the benefit to other! I will be able to provide some grains for free who who ever needs it as of June or July 2009! I'll be growing them and taking care of them till they are big enough to be passed to someone else to be loved!!! p.s. Remember once your an owner pass them so someone else would be able to benefit from them!! That why these grains grow so fast and so much so we pass them to others!!!Inquire
KaryCanadaMontrealI have milk kefir grain to share. J'ai des grains de kefir du lait pour partager. Tengo granos de kefir para compartir.Inquire
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