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SusanCanadaMontrealI have water kefir grains.  free.Inquire
SeanCanadaMontrealHey people! I know how hard it can be some times to find Kefir Grains! i was looking for them for a while till I found this site! Some one was nice enough to give me a grain! now As a tradition among the Grain owners to pass the benefit to other! I will be able to provide some grains for free who who ever needs it as of June or July 2009! I'll be growing them and taking care of them till they are big enough to be passed to someone else to be loved!!! p.s. Remember once your an owner pass them so someone else would be able to benefit from them!! That why these grains grow so fast and so much so we pass them to others!!!Inquire
KaryCanadaMontrealI have milk kefir grain to share. J'ai des grains de kefir du lait pour partager. Tengo granos de kefir para compartir.Inquire
BlueyedsisterCanadaMontrealMy kefir grains have been serving me well for over 5 years now. I dehydrate them in order for them to have a safe travel through ordinary post costs. It is very easy and short to reactivate the grains and so far so good with this method. I have shared my grains with people all over the world!Inquire
HeleneCanadaMontrealI have available healthy organic kefir grains either sent dehydrated by mail or you can pick them up fresh at my place.Inquire
TerryCanadaNelsonI often have extra kefir grains to give away, I use Organic whole milk and make 4 liters at a time,I've had it for four years now and have given it to all of my friends who are interested, I have about two extra cups of grain every two to three weeks. You pickupInquire
MikeGCanadaNiagara FallsOccasionally, I have kefir grains(Tibetan Milk Mushroom) to share for anyone who really wants them. Pick-up is best when you're in the Niagara-Toronto area. Inquire
PeebeeCanadaNorfolk CountyFresh Water Kefir Grains Available. $5.00 for 3 tablespoons - local pickup only.  $10.00 for 3 tablespoons - mailed within Ontario.Inquire
FrozenspudCanadaNotre Dame de la SaletteAbundant milk kefir grains to share...free to loving home! We are approx. 1 hour from Ottawa on the Quebec side.Inquire
RobertCanadaOakvilleI have the best kefir grains available. You will receive full spoon of high quality grains + instructions. I mail them in secured plastic bag.Inquire
Adnan SmajlovicCanadaOakvilleLarge-sized healthy, live, never frozen Kefir grains cultured in a cow and a goat milk. Grains are shipped with instructions in a bubbled envelope. Many Kefir community members started on our grains.Inquire

I have kefir grains to share.  Send me an email to arrange pick up.


TomCanadaOakvilleHealthy large grains grown in Organic Milk in a pet and smoke-free environment. Happy to coordinate pick up or will post Canada-wide. Detailed Kefir information also provided.Inquire
JewelzyBugCanadaOshawa, OnAvailable: WATER KEFIR grains & KOMBUCHA scoby. Brewed with organic tea (KS), organic cane sugar (WK, KS) , desulfured figs (WK) , molasses (WK) and filtered water (WK, KS.) Pickup Durham Region. Please bring glass jar or plastic container to transport. Will provide how-to instructions as well.Inquire
KirstyCanadaOttawaIn central Ottawa..... bring small jar or plastic container....Inquire
mirmeisCanadaOtterburn ParkDehydrated kefir grains Grains déshydratés de kéfir Only in "Canada" seulementInquire
DeliaCanadaPort PerryI have milk kefir grains to share. Must be able to pick up.  Please email.Inquire
LittleRedCanadaPrince GeorgeLive milk Kefir grains for pickup in Prince George, British Columbia for free. Will also ship (in heaping tablespoon quantity in fresh milk) within Canada if you cover the postage through paypal. Please email to check availability first.Inquire
Renee Claude LessardCanadaQuebecMilk kefir grainsInquire
Grac2youCanadaReginaI have premium kefir grains, only organic milk is used, we make several gallons daily. I ship grains to the USA and Canada. 1 generous TB for $10.99 to cover shippinmains handling costs. You can check my feedback on eBay, seller: grac2you. I have very happy customers. Inquire
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